I *heart* you. You want to know who I am?
Thank you kindly!

First thing’s first: There’s a good chance you have no idea how to say my name, because it doesn’t sound like it looks like it sounds. It rhymes with “prickly fireman.” And in fact, I’m considering writing a children’s book about a prickly fireman, because a book about a prickly fireman written by Mikalee Byerman just seems like the right thing to do. Stay tuned.

Next: Perhaps you want to know a little bit about what I do:

  • I’m an award-winning author and freelance writer — I’m honored to have been named “Best Creative Writer” and “Best Local Author” in the Best of Nevada awards, and my plaques are proudly displayed in my office alongside a card my high school honors English teacher sent me when I wrote my first book (thank you forever, Mrs. Rasmussen!). My debut book is “100 Things to Do in Reno Before You Die,” and based on this travel guide’s success, my publisher just contracted with me for a second edition (publishing in Fall 2023). My writing has been featured in Ladies’ Home Journal, Southwest Spirit Magazine and Alaska Airlines Magazine, as well as on the Huffington Post, among many other national and regional outlets.
  • I spend a lot of time on stage giving keynotes and workshops about humor strategy, writing, storytelling, reinvention and the nuances of introversion. Yes, I’m an introvert who loves public speaking, which just means you’ll find me curled up in bed enjoying silence and ignoring humanity (but not my family or fur baby) for the 24 hours after these speaking engagements.
  • I’ve spent the past decade as a CMO and VP of Strategy, and I’m currently channeling this C-suite background into 1×1 coaching, strategy and marketing consultation.
  • I’m a blogger whose work went viral thanks to a link from TIME Magazine’s website. Shortly thereafter, Coca-Cola identified me as a social media influencer and invited me to participate in a viral marketing campaign celebrating Diet Coke’s birthday. (I have the Diet Coke mini-fridge in my garage to prove it!)
  • I’m a woman with serious, deep-seated insecurities because I can’t roll my tongue like a taco.

Enough about me and my tongue insecurities — now who are you, and how can I help? Let me know here!