By Mikalee Byerman

Published by Reedy Press, St. Louis

“Could you compile 100 essential things to do in Reno? Well, now you don’t have to because talented writer Mikalee Byerman has done it for you.”
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“I have lived here since 2007 and thought I knew everything about Reno but this filled me in on all the great stuff I had been missing!”
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Podcast & Audio Storytelling

The Cheri Hill Show
In this episode of her popular business podcast, Cheri Hill interviews Mikalee about how to humor (yes, that’s a verb) — at work and in life. 

The Meaning Project Podcast: Humor Strategy and Bad Therapy with Mikalee Byerman
Dr. Dan interviews Mikalee Byerman about what it means to be a “humor strategist,” just how bad therapy can get, and her 4 tips for a more meaningful life – (hint, “reconnect, praise, gratitude, observations – but you’ll have to listen to know what those mean!). To “see” the interview, watch the YouTube version

Reno Dads Podcast: Dating as a Single Parent with Mikalee Byerman
In this episode, the Reno Dads podcast sat down with Mikalee Byerman, a local mom, marketing guru, and Reno Moms Blog contributor to talk about solo/single parenting, dating in Reno, and online dating.

How to Breakthrough with Content (On-Air with AIA Podcast – AIA is a top-10 promotional products distributor community in the United States)
This week’s guest Mikalee Byerman, Vice President of Strategy at Estipona Group, gives advice for creating a brand voice and sticking with it. Her and our host, Clay Hall, talk about the most important parts of creating content for your brand: authenticity, humanity and being able to tell a story. It might be overwhelming to create that voice, but it will be worth it in the end.

Coffee with Kurt Podcast: Just the Positive (Podcast hosted by Kurt Thigpen, Washoe County School Board Trustee)
This week’s episode is with Mikalee Byerman, the VP of Strategy at The Estipona Group in Reno, Nevada. We’re talking about the positive media platform they launched in February 2019 called JustThePositive.com.

Better PR Podcast: Communicating in a Virtual Age
Kathie Taylor and Even Muth talk with Jackie Shelton and Mikalee Byerman of Estipona Group about virtual workspaces and how to make the best of any communication.

Reno Storytellers Project: “The brick that changed everything”
In this story, Mikalee Byerman tells us how a brick changed her life and how she rebuilt her life, one brick at a time.

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