OK, so no superheroes in this post. No bricks, either. Just the best damn symbol EVER.

I found this GIANT eraser at a local Dollar Tree while searching for authentic toga gear for Boyfriend Brett — and yes, I was as surprised as you to learn a good kegger-worthy-toga necessitates more than simply a sheet. Seriously…type in “make your own toga” on Google, and you’ll be inundated with YouTube videos, step-by-step instructionals, blog posts addressing the topic…you name it!

Anyhow, I digress. Perhaps more on that in a later post, but when I found these giant erasers, I wanted to buy a shitload.

(And that’s a whole bunch, in case you’re wondering. In technical terms, I think it comes out to 4,533 — give or take.)

How many of us hasn’t wished for a giant eraser that might eradicate our most notable mistakes? I know I have — but mine would need to be man-sized (6’3″, to be exact…).

So tonight I’m furiously researching and writing a GIANT story for Southwest Airlines Magazine (and with any luck, I won’t be in need of a GIANT eraser to help craft/edit this bad boy). But in the interest of procrastination (which I’m labeling “organization,” because I couldn’t possibly concentrate without checking a few items off my to-do list, like this week’s blog post), I wanted to share this image with you all.

And if you know anyone who is going through a divorce, or has had a bad day, or recently took the time to acknowledge some substantial mistakes in his/her life: Head to Dollar Tree. These puppies won’t last, especially after I buy my shitload.