It’s a snow day in my hometown of Reno, Nevada…which, given its location at the base of the majestic Sierra Nevada, you’d think wouldn’t be news of the shout-it-from-the-rooftops, alarming, STFU-schools-are-not-closed! variety.

The view from my deck…after a day of melting snow. And it’s still coming down…

But since we’re situated in the valley below Lake Tahoe, we don’t typically get all that much snow. Enough, but not too much. It’s like Goldilocks’ dream destination.

So my children are home, and with snowmen built, copious cups o’ cocoa consumed, makeup tips administered (to my daughter and her friend … my son was not included, thank you very much), steaming soup made for lunch, multiple loads of laundry done (snow gear is bulky, dammit!) AND my regular work duties on track for completion, you can imagine my relief at the prospect of sitting down to a tall, refreshing Diet Coke at about 1 this afternoon.

I told ya before: one vice, people.

Diet Coke.

So I opened the fridge…and panic ensued.

No Diet Coke? I thought. NO DIET COKE?!?!

My alarm heightened as I realized: My little car won’t take me to McDonald’s. Not willingly, anyhow. Not without chains. And I think that’s the line in the sand (or snow) that, if crossed, might just reveal an addiction: chaining up to get a fountain Diet Coke for $1.08 at the neighborhood McDonald’s.

See that balcony slightly above and to the right? I seriously considered throwing myself off at this pivotal, uncaffeinated juncture…

But instead, I posted my misery on Facebook, lamenting my fate and pondering whether it’s too early for wine.

Thank heaven for Facebook. Because a heavenly message quickly appeared from my personal angel, a Facebook friend who descended from high atop his social media throne and wrote, with much God-like vibrato, “I’m told it’s National Drink Wine Day… but that info comes from my cousin, so it’s probably not.”

“Like!” I thought to myself as I hit the happy little button. As long as the cousin’s not a drunk. Or delusional. Or delusional when drunk.

Then another angel added to the heavenly chorus: “It’s never too early for wine! Oh, and I think his cousin is right. It’s National Drink Wine Day. I’m pretty sure that’s legit. :-)”

“Like like LIKE,” I exclaimed at the sight.

Then the kicker — Angel #3, completing the holy trinity: “It is an official holiday. Start guzzling girl.”

Oh sweet, blessed permission.

Now here I am, sharing, dear friends — as my own personal Public Service Announcement from me to you. Today is National Drink Wine Day! It’s like Christmas, only with one ginormous, humongous, big-ass present: Permission to drink copious bottles glasses of wine!

But I couldn’t celebrate this criminally underexposed holiday without alerting you all.

It’s definitely news of the shout-it-from-the-rooftops, alarming, STFU-it-is-NOT-National-Drink-Wine-Day! variety.

Oh but it is. And I hope you enjoy the celebration (my apologies to those of you in other time zones. But hell, why not make it a weekend affair?).

So things are crazy in my little neck of the woods, and I have more fun to share in coming weeks. How’s that for an awesomely annoying tease?

But until then, raise a glass for me (or with me) tonight. And guess what else I learned today: Tuesday is National Margarita Day. Ay caramba!

Life is good. This week, at least…

So how will you celebrate this most glorious of holidays? And that includes today – or Tuesday – or the period between today and Tuesday, btw…

I’m sure you can imagine how I’m celebrating: Good wine and Diet Coke. But not together, cuz that’s just plain icky. 🙂